After reviewing my 23 and Me results, I was not surprised by my Scandinavian heritage, no wonder I like and understand hygge so much.   

I visited Iceland in 2012 as a result of a fundraising campaign to raise money for Challenge Aspen a local non-profit that helps people with disabilities get out in our beautiful environment.  The 1st clue was when a little Icelandic boy approached my son and started talking to him in Icelandic.  They looked like brothers and we mother’s could not get over their resemblance of one another.

As it snows and is cold outside today, I am reminded of the book “The Little Book of Hygge“,  by Meik Wiking who shares all the details of this wonderful philosophy of comfort, warmth, togetherness that the happiest people on the planet practice.  My favorite hygge moments are :

  • pajamas and tea, watching the weather go around
  • family movie nights
  • xc ski parties at night
  • potlucks
  • stargazing

May you find your favorite way to celebrate hygge year-round!


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